Laura Kay Weatherspoon

Laura Kay Weatherspoon


Dare to be different! Life is simply amazing and I love to share the way I see the world through my artwork. I feel so blessed that I get to wake up each day and do what I love to do.

I was raised in the small farming town of Troy, Illinois. Growing up, my grandmother and mom would tell me stories about how I would sit at the living room window for hours and draw the birds long before I was even in school. Although I did a lot of drawing when I was young, it was the day my dad took me to a local art store that I was bit by the bug. That day, my dad bought me my very first box of prismacolors. I would sit around and draw for hours on end with that first box, mainly of horses from my imagination. That following summer I received second place at the Madison County Fair in Illinois, for a mare and foal drawing I did with that first set of prismacolors. From that day on, my dad would always say, “You need to be a freelance artist when you grow up.”

And well, here I am. I graduated from William Woods University, Summa Cum Laude, with a major in Equestrian Science and a minor in Art Education. I now own a studio in Fulton, Missouri where I have two kilns, a pottery wheel and all my painting supplies.

I love hiking, biking, running, camping, sailing and riding my horse. I also enjoy traveling or any activity that gets me outside in the fresh air where nature can inspire me. My camera usually accompanies me everywhere I go, as I am always looking for the next great photo opportunity for something I can take back to my studio to paint or sculpt.

My passion lies mainly with clay and ceramics. I use water based clays for throwing on the wheel, as well as hand building and sculptures. I use oil based clays in preparation for bronze sculptures. However, my passion for art goes far beyond the limits of cay. I enjoy doing palette knife paintings with my oil and acrylic paints. Another favorite is painting with my watercolors. The transparency of watercolors captured my imagination the first time I used them and I have loved them ever since. Stippling is another form of art I enjoy, and I find the end resulting immensely rewarding considering the hours spent in one project.

I want people to feel inspired by my work. God has blessed me with a talent and I want to use that talent to make other people smile. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a vision of mine come to life on canvas or in my hands with clay and have people look at it and smile.

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