The Community Exhibit Program

A Never-ending Supply of Original Art for Your Business!

What is the Community Exhibit Program?

The Columbia Art League’s Community Exhibits Program began in 1959 to provide artwork to other non-profit organizations in the community. Over the years, the program expanded to include all types of public and private business locations, which invite artists to exhibit their artworks. Each quarter, artists 'rotate' their work to a different venue, so that a new audience of people can enjoy their work.

How do I get my business into the Community Exhibit Program?

As long as you have a secure, well-lit, non-smoking public area with ample wall space for hanging artworks, you are eligible to be one of our exhibiting venues. Businesses pay a quarterly fee to the Columbia Art League based on the number of works that are on display. The quarterly fees start at $80 for up to 6 artworks. We include a list of all the businesses and the exhibiting artists on this page, and they additionally occasionally appear in the Columbia Daily Tribune's Sunday Ovation section if space permits. 

I'm an artist, how do I become part of the program?

As long as you are a current member of the Columbia Art League and have exhibited in a show at CAL, we are happy to consider your work for the Community Exhibit Program. Artists working in all 2D media are welcome, but as we mostly work with banks and businesses who have wall-space available, we do not have any opportunities for standing 3D works. As the works will be out in a public setting, we do ask that works have general appeal and do not include nudes. The artworks 'rotate' between venues the first week of January, April, July and October. You must be able to move and hang your own work, as well as print out labels on white card stock to display next to your work (you'll find a template for your labels at the bottom of this page). You will need to have a minimum of 10 works available to hang. Our thank you to the artists for being part of this program is that no commission is taken on any sales of your artwork by either CAL or the exhibiting venues. Anyone interested in buying your work, will contact you directly. If you are interested in being part of the program, just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you or you can contact the Art League via email: or by phone: 573-443-8838.

CEP Labels

Currently On View

Joy amuedo

Parkade Plaza

Kat dake

Bond Life Sciences Center 

Columbia Podiatry

John Fennell

Boone County Government Building

David frech

Parkade Plaza

Kerry hirth

Parkade Plaza

David French

Columbia Daily Tribune

lea lichty

Callaway Bank

Jennifer Market

Missouri Heart Center

Hope Martin

Parkade Plaza

Cornerstone Insurance

Boone County Annex

Leslie McCullough-payne

Blitz, Bardgett & Deustch Law Firm

Randy Mcdermit

Parkade Plaza

Jean sax

CleanCut Barber Shop

Boone County Government Building

Amy Shomaker

The Columbia Tribune

Christine Sewell

Boone County Government Building

The Bluffs

jennifer Slouha 

Cornerstone Insurance

Dawn Van Scoik

D&H Broadway

D&H Paris Road