The Columbia Art League is committed to providing art and enrichment to all sectors of our community. With our team of volunteers, staff, and teachers, we work with organizations to present opportunities for growth, learning, and fun through the visual arts. CAL believes that art and creative expression are integral to a high quality of life, and we are committed to providing these opportunities to others.


Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital

The Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital pursues the highest quality of care for our veterans by providing services that optimize their health and well-being through exceptional care, education, and research. CAL teacher, Stacy Self, visits the hospital to work on enriching art projects in a therapeutic capacity. She works primarily with in-patients taking part in a substance abuse rehabilitation program and additionally with veterans who visit the Hospital to attend group therapy focused on socialization and building connections on a community level. Together they practice new techniques involving paint, sculptural media, and drawing while exploring creative problem solving exercises.  

Stacy says, “I can see the change that the sessions bring to their lives. They relax, really get in to the creative process, and have the opportunity to bond with each other through creativity rather than pain.”

Mentorship Program

CAL's emerging artist mentorship program is designed to increase accessibility to meaningful engagement with the arts for underserved populations, specifically youth in the Columbia area community. We believe a well-designed mentorship program can have a deep and lasting impact on students’ lives. The thoughtful pairing of an interested student with a caring adult who is passionate about their field of study can be beneficial for the student as well as the mentor. Working one on one with a caring, professional artist, protégés gain self-confidence, commitment to task, and a feeling of creative accomplishment.  For the mentors, helping to nurture young talent can be highly rewarding and strengthen their own commitment to and engagement with community. Our Mentors and Mentees meet twice a month as a group and more often individually. CAL is committed to providing them space and opportunity to grow and challenge each other.



Woodhaven is a team of community members dedicated to helping adults with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities succeed by engaging in programs that enrich their quality of life. CAL is fortunate enough to work with the Woodhaven team once a month by hosting classes and workshops that immerse the students in creative expression and fun. Through these classes, the adults have the opportunity to learn new artistic techniques and concepts while practicing Woodhaven’s values of individual choice and inclusion.

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True North

True North’s mission is  to provide  a safe environment by educating, empowering and advocating for victims of domestic and sexual violence. They also work diligently to effect social change by providing opportunities for individuals to realize and participate in the community’s responsibility to end domestic and sexual violence. CAL provides art classes to these individuals twice a month as a way to practice skill building, relaxation, and expression.  These classes are designed to impact the students by giving them a sense of empowerment and positivity, which they can channel into other aspects of their lives.


 It is the community’s support  that facilitates our dynamic engagement with the visual arts and ignites the creative spark in all of us. Your memberships and donations allow us to connect with our community in meaningful ways. Please support CAL by becoming a member or making an extra year-end donation so that we may continue our work with these organizations and reach out to other populations for whom art can be a lifeline.