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Inner Child

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” Pablo Picasso

Accept artwork: August 9 (11:30-6) and 10 (11-5)
Opening Reception: August 16 (6-8 PM)

Every single one of us was once a child, so why is it that the essence of childlike innocence is lost on us so suddenly once reaching adulthood? Some envy the naivety of children, other’s their abounding energy, but it is the universality that being a child represents, that truly perplexes us as adults. The world is a different place, from the eyes of a child. With so many things to learn, it is astounding to think of all the children who have grown to do amazing things for society. Even the most powerful leaders and malicious criminals were once a toddler, just learning how to walk. This disconnect, bridge, or gap that presents itself differently in every one of us, at a different time, is what makes children's perspective and art so intriguing. To know that we all once were one of them, and they they someday will be one of us. Our inner child show invites you to explore what it means to see from the eyes of a child, and to relish in the excitement of new life. By taking works created by children in a variety of mediums, and  having experienced adult artists reinterpret them with their own piece, we offer a glimpse into the creative process of artists both young and old. A creative process, which resounds universally, and tells its own, unique story.

Stay tuned for submission details on how to participate in this show!

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