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Give a Gift of Art

“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.” - Don Miguel Ruiz

Accept artwork: October 18 (11:30-6) and 19 (11-5)
Opening Reception: October 25 (6-8)

Unthemed, unjuried, and confined only by the limits of our artist’s imagination, our Give a Gift of Art has a little something for everyone. From paintings, to jewelry, to furniture, our artists have the freedom to create unique and diverse pieces, that are sure to enchant you. Come visit us, check out an array of pieces submitted by our talented artists, and take something home for a special someone.

This show is only open to current members of the Columbia Art League. Learn more about membership and join here.

Entry Form:

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Artist Agreement: I understand the Columbia Art League may photograph my work for public relations materials related to this show. I also understand the Columbia Art League will retain a 35% commission on any artwork sold in the gallery, and I will receive 65% for the sale of my work. I understand that should I sell this work as a direct result of it being shown in the CAL gallery within the next 6 months, I will sell my work through the Columbia Art League. I understand that For Sale artworks shown in the exhibition will be kept in the gallery until the end of the exhibition, unless a buyer specifically requests to remove the work early. Once purchased the decision to keep or remove an artwork from the show is at the discretion of the buyer and the gallery director. I confirm that the submitted artwork is my own original work and is not a copy or likeness of another artist’s work including published photographs or reference material not attributable to me. Standard insurance is provided by CAL while artwork is on CAL’s premises. Work is insured at 50% of retail price.
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