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“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” - Ruth Reichl

In this show, we invite you, dear artist, to explore the art of eating.  Artists’ connection to food tells us much about the time, place, and culture in which they lived. Our relationship with food can be complicated, tangled up with the need for survival, with our primal connection to land and community, and fraught with emotions from guilt to pleasure! In this show, artists must Indulge and serve up a veritable feast for the eyes.

We are accepting artwork for this show on Friday, January 12th, and Saturday, January 13th.

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to Apr 27

Stranger Than Fiction

“The objective of Surrealism is to make use of the dream, which will open the way to the Great Mystery of Life in the cause of his own art.” - Nathalia Brodskaia

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year in 2016 was surreal. A concept bequeathed to the public by a quirky group of Frenchmen.  Surreal literally means beyond real and conjures images of the bizarre and the unusual, the unbelievable and uncanny, as well as freakish, unearthly dreamscapes; worlds that are truly Stranger than Fiction.  We invite artists to explore the fantastic and the strange. It’s time to channel your inner Dali, Picasso, Miro, Magritte or Giacometti and juxtapose reality with the impossible!

We will be accepting artwork for this show on Friday, March 9th, and Saturday, March 10th.

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to Jun 29


“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” -Anatole France

The late spring show is an homage to the kingdom Animalia: the furry, the feathered, the slimy, and the scaled; the creatures of the land, the sea, and the sky. Throughout mythology, animals have come to represent all aspects of human nature including our compassion, our cunning, and our cruelty. To mirror our love, fear and wonder of the animal kingdom, artists are invited to celebrate the critters that share our planet, capture our imagination, and steal our hearts.

We will be accepting artwork for this show on Friday, April 27th, and Saturday, April 28th.

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to Aug 31

Summer Open

“Creativity takes courage.” -Henri Matisse

Our Members’ Summer Open is an annual showcase of our talented community of CAL artist members.  

There is no theme for this unjuried show.  If you’d like to submit, but are not currently a member of CAL, join here.

We will be accepting artwork on Friday, June 29th, and Saturday, June 30th.

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to Nov 9


“It seems that these old cards were conceived deep in the guts of human experience, at the most profound level of the human psyche. It is to this level in ourselves that they will speak.” ― Sallie Nichols

Far from just a tawdry fortune telling device, the Tarot is shrouded in mystique and intrigue.  What is it about this strange system of images and symbols, uncanny and yet so familiar, that continues to fascinate and beguile us? The 78-card deck is made up of 4 suits and 22 trump cards often referred to, respectively, as the minor and major “arcana”. The cards present us with archetypes, an iconography of collectively inherited images and symbols which cross human culture and time - the Fool, the Hermit, the Hanged Man, the Lovers, the Devil, Death, and more.  Through them we see ourselves, our common journey reflected in the great mythos, incarnations of the same images we see across fairytale and folklore.  Visually rich and steeped in symbolism, the possible interpretations of the archetypes presented in the deck are infinite, and have been mused over by artists for centuries.  We invite our artists to do the same, and contribute to the creation of a collaborative deck that is truly one of a kind.  Draw your card, contemplate, interpret, create, and in the process learn what may be in the cards for you.

*Entry Process: Participating artists are invited to come into the gallery to draw their card Tuesday, April 3rd – Saturday, April 7th, 11 AM – 5PM.  Participation is limited to the number of cards in the deck, and artists will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.  Important Note: Once you pull your card from the deck, your fate is sealed.  You must commit to completing your contribution to the deck by the deadline.  The whole project is counting on you!

We will be accepting artwork on Friday, August 31st, and Saturday, September 1st.

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to Jan 4

Give a Gift of Art

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

There is no theme for this unjuried show, which is only open to current CAL members.  We simply ask that members consider entering work that may make a good gift for art-loving holiday shoppers.

We will be accepting artwork for this show on Friday, November 9th, and Saturday, November 10th.

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to Nov 3

Interpretations V

Interpretations: A marriage of 40 visual artists and 40 literary artists, each submitting one work of his/her own choice with any theme. Then, an art swap: Each visual artist receives a work from one of the writers; each literary artist receives an artwork. The task for each artist and writer: to create a second work of art or piece of writing, which is his or her interpretation of the other artist’s work. The result: A show of 80 artworks and 80 pieces of writing. The aim of the show: A reminder that we all see the world differently; our interpretations of the world around us are uniquely ours. How will each artist interpret the other artist’s work? How will the viewer interpret the written words and artworks in the show? This will be the fifth year of this extraordinary show. You can see all of the previous years’ entries in the InterpretationsInterpretations II, III and IV books, available to view or purchase at the Columbia Art League.


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to Jun 23


There’s a reason galleries around the world are filled with so many landscapes, seascapes and fantastical dreamscapes: at some point in our daily lives, we all crave an escape. For some that’s gazing out onto a golden hayfield beneath a huge mid-western sky, for others a view of a tumultuous ocean, or a languid wild-flower carpeted meadow, or maybe a view into another dimension, to a world other than our own.

In Scapes artists are invited to transform the gallery into a myriad of views - an exploration of the world we live in and worlds beyond, from the prosaic humdrum scapes of daily life, to inspirational views and escapist fantasies.

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to May 5


Language loves food: cornucopia, ambrosia, delicatessen, confectionery, aphrodisiac, and the show’s title, comestible, are such lovely words upon the tongue, that they almost have their own flavor. Just as food has inspired such a decadent linguistic feast, so too has it provided a font of creativity for the visual artist: think of those heaving tables of the Dutch Baroque period, Arcimboldo’s surreal fruit portraits, Cezanne’s apples, Thiebaud’s Cakes or the jello art of contemporary British food artists, Bompas and Parr.

In Comestible artists are invited to explore our love of food, its role as both a necessity and a luxury in a world where gluttony is far outpaced by hunger.

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