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  • Columbia Art League 207 South 9th Street Columbia, MO, 65201 United States (map)
Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.
— Paracelsus

Quintessence invites artists to explore the elemental substance of all things – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and from the Eastern tradition, Void, or that which is beyond the tangible world. Everything we see and experience around us is a manifestation of these elements and their interactions upon one another.

Artists may choose to take inspiration from the physical nature and natural beauty of these forces as well as their conceptual, symbolic expressions. Explore Earth - the body, the fertile planet, strength, and gravity, Air – the mind, wind, movement, and freedom, Fire – passion, energy, and transformation, Water – emotion, intuition, and fluidity, or the Void – spirit, the unknown, and the great beyond.

Later Event: March 14