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comestible postcard
One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
— Virginia Woolf

Language loves food: cornucopia, ambrosia, delicatessen, confectionery, aphrodisiac, and the show’s title, comestible, are such lovely words upon the tongue, that they almost have their own flavor. Just as food has inspired such a decadent linguistic feast, so too has it provided a font of creativity for the visual artist: think of those heaving tables of the Dutch Baroque period, Arcimboldo’s surreal fruit portraits, Cezanne’s apples, Thiebaud’s Cakes or the jello art of contemporary British food artists, Bompas and Parr.

In Comestible artists are invited to explore our love of food, its role as both a necessity and a luxury in a world where gluttony is far outpaced by hunger.

Let Them Eat Art! will be back on Thursday 13th April – a delicious CAL fundraising evening where we invite 10 local chefs to choose a work in the show as an inspiration for a tapas-style dish. Tickets are $35 and only 100 are available. (Scroll down to see which chefs won the People's Choice awards).

Juror: Paul Allen, State Fair Community College, Sedalia

Award Winners

First place: Jacob Crook – Holy Guacamole (mezzotint engraving)
Second place: Brandy Tieman – You are what you eat (mixed media)
Third place: Mzeona Iagorashvili – Still Life with Ugli Fruit (wool)

Honorable Mentions

Molly Horak – Cheese Plate (encaustic, oil, ink)
Jane Mudd – Three Creeks Turnips (oil on canvas)
Colleen Wagner – Spring Grilling (mixed media)
Jean Neely – Pas de Cuillère (pastel)
Peg Craig - Impeached (clay)
Deb Roberts – Entangled (film color photography)
Don Asbee- Take Care Not To Lose Your Tempura (forged copper& steel)

Emerging Artist

Forest Miller – An Intimate Object (photography)

Let Them Eat Art People's Choice Chef Winners

First place: Tyra Bass (Columbia Area Career Center/Rock Bridge High School)
Second place (tied): Levi Grantham - 44 Stone Public House
                                   Ryan Concannon & Andrew Byrne - Room 38

A huge thank you to all the chefs who donated their time, talents and delicious morsels for this year's Let Them Eat Art! fundraiser: Mark Sulltrop & Levi Grantham - 44 Stone Public House; Cheyney Andrews - bleu catering & events; Brook Harlan, Tyra Bass & Alli Bond - Columbia Area Career Center; James Lowe - House of Chow; Jeremy Bowles, Ryan Concannon & Andrew Byrne - Room 38; Mike Odette - Sycamore; Ben Parks - The Barred Owl. Thanks also to Les Bourgeois for their selection of wines. 


Earlier Event: January 17
Later Event: April 13
Let Them Eat Art! Fundraiser