The Child Within Gallery Show

The Child Within reception was so fun! Our Locust Street Elementary students brought a new level of energy to the night and it was great seeing artists of all ages chat and interact.

Juror’s Statement

Children’s art is fearless, bold and bright.  Often as adults, we wish we could return to this methodology of art making, but we struggle to put our fears, perfectionism, and self-judgment aside.  In allowing adult artists to collaborate with a Locust Street Elementary School student, the work represented in “The Child Within” was created with a child’s spirit in mind.

Before reviewing the work for “The Child Within,” I wrote several criteria before selecting the work to include in the show.  Since the goal of the show is to promote collaboration among a Locust Street artist and an adult artist, I looked specifically for works which were an interpretive response to the Locust Street artist’s work, rather than a direct copy.  Additionally, since a second goal of “The Child Within” was to showcase excellent craftsmanship and skill, I also avoided work that was attempting to mimic the naïve style of a child.  

The works selected for “The Child Within” represent a wide range of interpretations based upon their collaborator’s original art.  Some works include a specific visual reference to the work of the Locust Street artist’s work, and some, a subtle hint. All of the works, however, honor the spirit and intent in which the original work was created. 

Award recipients include:

James Reece, 1st place winner

James Reece

Bora Bora Bird’s Eye View

The juror said:  This is a beautiful example of a collaboration between child and adult artist.  The artist who created this meticulously crafted quilt was able to expand upon the vision of the original artist with gorgeous color and imagination.

Michelle Marcum, 2nd place winner


Michelle Marcum

My Imaginary Friend

The juror had this to say: At first glance, this piece is very similar to the artwork on which it was based.  It appears that the artist who created this painting carefully imitated the texture of the paint found in the original work.  However, when examined closely, the true collaboration is revealed: the painter created two subtle eyes and a set of teeth in order to invent a new found creature.

Gennie Pfannenstiel, 3rd place winner

Gennie Pfannenstiel

The Vista

The juror said about this work: This is a celebration of the work on which it was based. The rich color and variety of materials creates a lush and riotous collaboration with the original work.

The show is colorful and fun and will be up through the end of October, be sure to come by and see it for yourself!