Town Hall Report 2019

Members’ Show Summer 2019

Members’ Show Summer 2019

Two town hall meetings took place at CAL on Tuesday, August 20th and Saturday, August 22nd.

Each session had about 10-12 people. 

The main topic was: How can CAL improve?

*Means we’ve already started addressing these areas

Key Areas:


*Juror’s process/guidelines/public statement to read

Critique sheets from the juror for all works

Allow artists to make work NFS

*More friendly faces

*Give kind feedback

*More shows

Member Benefits

Business & marketing plans for artists

Professional development

**Social Media how to & also use in promotion of our artists

Artist members supporting new artists

Rejection workshop

Fun things like trips to other galleries/museums

Group critique

Increase artist interaction: potlucks, art club, open studio

Non Artist Member Benefits

Why should non-artists become members?

What events / benefits do non artists have at CAL

Do you have to be a member to participate in things at CAL? (No!)


*MORE - just do more

Bring back postcards

Stick to newsletters & social media

Talk to us MORE

Talk about sponsorship more

Table tents in restaurants

Ads in other arts organizations publications


How to classes for artists: framing, matting, 

Teach the teachers how to teach

Increase outreach for Scholarships to Youth Classes

Sponsorship for youth classes

Expand classroom, have more classes

Utilize the family friendly events in town: Sunday farmer’s market, Saturday famer’s market (the Pavillion). 

Showcase the artwork made by the students in their classes at CAL


Increase Community Exhibition reach to include lower income locations

More free or sponsored activities to lower income community members

Increase awareness about CAL outside of CoMo

Collaborate with the District

*Make connections with Colleges & University - get more students in our space

*Make connections with sporting events/attendees 

Community Exhibition Program

Increase number of locations

Find more places to showcase 3D artworks

Put plaques in all the places we have a CEP relationship

Increase awareness by promoting that we have a CE program and also showcase the artists on social media

Increase CEP reach to include lower income locations: housing authority, Armory building, ARC, etc.

Have a standard of presentation that is followed through with or okayed by CAL staff

Gift Shop

Update policies

Have a system to keep product fresh

Standards on how things are displayed & with information about the artists

Work with people on pricing, packaging, display etc.

Signage (like on the front of the windows)

Market the fact that we have a gift shop


How do we get more

How to treat & train them

Collect testimonials

Appeal to a younger audience

The Columbia Art League is celebrating 60 years this year, and while it’s a wonderful institution in the community, CAL needs to be able to learn and grow with the community it serves. So we thank each of you who has reached out to us and let us know what you think we can do to improve. Here’s to 60 more years of providing arts to the Columbia community!

If you’d like to give feedback to us about CAL, click the button below or come by the gallery and ask to speak with Kelsey. Thank you!