Spencer Lange

I could insert here some trite romanticism about the "beauty of capturing the world" and whatnot, but that's not at all what I'm about

What I am about is the trifecta of composition, color, and lighting; all three being how I express myself in my works. I also value the reaction of those viewing, sometimes going for shock, and other times for awe; sometimes both. While being offensive or shocking for its own sake is great, I don't solely intend for that to be what's intended- instead going for the 'art for its own sake' approach, and making what I believe to be aesthetically pleasing, even when it's inherently grimy and disgusting

I do custom work, have been censored, and have contributed to several zines. If you'd like work done for you in any capacity [including more traditional work- assuming you allow some creative influence in!] please visit my site and give me a call or text at my number (951) 973-9390.

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