David Lancaster

We all live in a continuum of moments, some fleeting and others memorable for a lifetime.  A crowd of people can experience the same moment yet their individual interpretations can be very different.  I try to summarize my movement through life as a collection of my experiences.  The challenge for me is to capture the emotion and life of my experiences on two dimensional photographic paper and have the viewer feel the mood of the subject matter.  

I started taking photographs in my teen years.   My father gave me his old Minolta 35mm SLR from the1960's to take pictures at our family gatherings.  Several years later I took photographs while studying at the Biosphere 2 Center in Oracle Arizona.  The marketing director generously gave me all the film I needed and developed it for me.  In return my photos were used for marketing purposes of the Center.  I had the opportunity to take thousands of photos of the students and numerous landscapes.  Several years later, when I started medical school, my Minolta retired to the camera bag.  Later, after a fifteen year hiatus, I purchased a Canon digital EOS 6d and have been busy photographing everything since then.  I like to use my family as models in many of my photos.  I continue to focus on landscapes and portraits but now I try to incorporate thematic threads within my work. 

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