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“It seems that these old cards were conceived deep in the guts of human experience, at the most profound level of the human psyche. It is to this level in ourselves that they will speak.” ― Sallie Nichols

Far from just a tawdry fortune telling device, the Tarot is shrouded in mystique and intrigue.  What is it about this strange system of images and symbols, uncanny and yet so familiar, that continues to fascinate and beguile us? The 78-card deck is made up of 4 suits and 22 trump cards often referred to, respectively, as the minor and major “arcana”. The cards present us with archetypes, an iconography of collectively inherited images and symbols which cross human culture and time - the Fool, the Hermit, the Hanged Man, the Lovers, the Devil, Death, and more.  Through them we see ourselves, our common journey reflected in the great mythos, incarnations of the same images we see across fairytale and folklore.  Visually rich and steeped in symbolism, the possible interpretations of the archetypes presented in the deck are infinite, and have been mused over by artists for centuries.  We invite our artists to do the same, and contribute to the creation of a collaborative deck that is truly one of a kind.  Draw your card, contemplate, interpret, create, and in the process learn what may be in the cards for you.

*Entry Process: Participating artists are invited to come into the gallery to draw their card Tuesday, April 3rd – Saturday, April 7th, 11 AM – 5PM.  Participation is limited to the number of cards in the deck, and artists will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.  Important Note: Once you pull your card from the deck, your fate is sealed.  You must commit to completing your contribution to the deck by the deadline.  The whole project is counting on you!

We will be accepting artwork on Friday, August 24th, and Saturday, August 25th.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 31st, 6-8 PM @ CAL

Earlier Event: June 26
Summer Open
Later Event: November 13
Give a Gift of Art