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Jan L. Coffman

Jan L. Coffman 

I love to walk in nature settings. That is where I find my paintings. I call my paintings contemporary realism as I paint my digital photographs with my digital bushes and sketching tools. As I paint, I relive the feelings I had at the time I was taking the picture. I hope you can enjoy the color, light, and breeze with me as you view my paintings. 

My training has been in technology design and education. As a technology trainer and web designer, I developed my digital skills of sketching and watercolors in my web design work. In retirement, I am now able to devote more time to my passion of digital painting. 

Let me describe some of the similarities and differences in digital painting and traditional painting. I paint layer upon layer as I am painting on the computer which is similar to a traditional painter; but if I wish, these layers can each be removed individually if I choose. My photographs can be hidden at the bottom of all of the layers so that they can be used as reference. With my digital brush, I may pick-up the color from the photograph or go to my digital pallet for a new color. I have an endless number of painting tools and an endless number of sizes for each tool. With the aid of my Wacom drawing tablet that is attached to my computer and my electronic painting/drawing tool, my brush can make narrow or wider strokes by the way I turn my hand. Lines can be drawn dark or light with the pressure I use with my hand. If I want to experiment with an idea, I can add a layer and delete it if it doesn’t work. When I’m finished with a picture, the layers can then be compressed into one painting. 

I do my own printing and framing. I print my art using archival pigment-based inks and acid-free watercolor papers. I use quality mats that are pH Neutral and backing boards that are acid free. They are matted and framed 16x20 or 21x27 inches with black frames.

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