Mentorship program: Student application

Thank you so much for your interest in participating in CAL’s Emerging Artist Mentorship Program, 2017-2018.  We hope to create an experience that is personally meaningful to each student and helps them to reach their own individual artistic goals.  Our success depends largely on pairing students with the right mentor.  In order to help us make the best matches, please tell us more about yourself.

CAL's mentorship program is for students ages 13-18.

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Mailing Address
I understand that by submitting this application I am committing to attending bi-monthly studio/critique sessions at CAL with the mentor program group, as well as spending additional time outside of the studio in order to build my portfolio or undertake an independent project with the help of my mentor.
Do you have access to trasportation after school and/or on weekends which would enable you to attend studio sessions at CAL (207 S. 9th Street), or meet with your mentor at various locations around the Columbia area? (Answering "no" to this question does not disqualify you from participation in the program, but lets us know that certain accommodations may need to be made.)
Once you've submitted this form, the Columia art league education director will contact you via email to confirm its receipt and request 3-5 images of you most recent artwork. thank you so much for your interest in the program and we look forward to working with you!