Jennifer Slouha

Jennifer Slouha

I am a self-taught artist and primarily work in graphite, colored pencil and acrylic. I was born in Solon, Iowa, and have lived in many different places since I was young. My aunt was a big influence early on to my creativity; so were several great art teachers in high school. After high school I went on to work and to raise a family. About ten years ago I realized there was a market for my work, and I began taking commissions that included pet portraits, vehicles and painting the image of a hospital directly onto the original cornerstone of the hospital. I also sold my art in galleries in Tucson, Arizona.

The majority of my work tends to focus on details, specifically my graphite drawings, which I enjoy the most. My acrylic paintings depict bright, cheerful colors and are usually based on inspiration from nature. I also love working in colored pencil because of the detail and beautiful colors that can be achieved. As for the source of my inspiration, I cannot say there is any specific thing that evokes my creativity. I am inspired by all of my surroundings, what I see and experience. I strive to show these experiences in the work I create.

T: 573-397-3573

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