Renee Nilges

Renee Nilges

Art as Life

Creating art stills my mind and I can only think about the task at hand. The brush strokes quiet and comfort me. I even feel my breathing slow, and I am transported far away. Art is truly a gift in that it helps me live in the present and keeps me looking forward. I get so excited about a new piece that sometimes a painting is named before I even produce it. It’s already been created in my mind.

As a kid, I have always had my hands in something. I try many different mediums and like to experiment. There are endless possibilities to explore. Art is like an old friend that keeps welcoming me back to grow better than I was before.

I have been painting and drawing professionally since 1998. My journey began by drawing pencil portraits of people and pets. Soon people were asking me to do oil paintings of their homes and farms. In addition to fine art, a background in commercial art made it possible for me to create logos and illustrations. Commissions have included everything from painting murals and statues to illustrating a children’s book and coloring book. It has been quite an adventure so far.

In 2001, I began sharing art in a new way by teaching oil painting class. I am so proud of my students! It is a great joy to see them grow artistically. I’ve found growth too, through teaching them. In this right brain, left brain world, I tell them, “Just remember, when you’re painting, you’re in your right mind!”

Life as an artist is both rewarding and challenging. Yes, we have responsibilities, but there always has to be room to play. When I am really lost in a project and the hours fly by, that’s when it seems to just fall out of my brush and flow onto the canvas! Those are the pieces that people tell me they appreciate the most. It comes from a place I really don’t understand, but I am very thankful. The beauty between the real world we live in and the canvas start to blend together. That is when the art is real. That is when I eat, sleep and breathe art as life.

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