Robert L. McClellan

A while back I was driving across Missouri and passed by what use to be a very nice old farm house. It was over grown with weeds and cedar trees and it's roof was about to fall in. On down the road I passed through a small town whose main street was on the highway. It consisted of six store fronts of which five were no longer open and were in dis-repair. The only one remaining was a gas station consisting of a steel structure that looked completly out of place.
Over the following couple of mounths I began to think about these old buildings, homes and barns and how they contained a story conjured up by my own memories along with a little bit of imagination, The families that lived and worked in them? Their hopes and dreams, their triumphs and their failures.
It was then that I desided to focus my some 40 years of experience in an attempt to preserve, through my photography, some of these homes, barns, motels, hotels and businesses from a "Bye-gone-era."
I hope my photography stirs some of those memories in you. Who knows, you may even recognize some of the them.

I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

Thanking you so much for your interest, Bob

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