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My research is in creating graphic shapes, which reference contemporary ink painting graphic styles such as those found in Japanese Zen meditation and Chinese Buddhism. I also look at the visual design of symbols, and how to represent them in a 3D space. The core of my research is the application of graphic shapes into multi-dimensional spaces, such as architecture, interior design, sculpture, industrial design.


The idea behind intention creation is not to design works randomly, but rather to accumulate a lot of visual elements and related concepts before the design work starts, and then to display those elements and concepts during the experimentation, creation and re-creation. It is the “intention” that offers various possibilities of design schemes for “creation” in the real world. For example, my finished works in the computer can be made into presswork and tangible objects for people to read and use. It can also be developed into traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, engraving, sculpture, artifact and other tangible works. Therefore, intention creation can be perceived as the source of thinking, and a kind of art creation that is able to be re-designed.


I want to emphasize two factors influencing intention creation, and the first one is “slowness”, since soft fire makes sweet malt. However, in today’s fast-paced society, many people lead a busy life which only strives for efficiency with- out thinking about whether it is right or wrong. Why not slow down for a while and make some adjustment in your mind? Only in a slow process, people can feel relaxed and released, then he will try to read something and get to know something, and his mind begins to change. Therefore, “slowness” is an important premise. It’s a psychological hint to tell yourself that you are not in a hurry and some things can only be done in a slow way, so you start from a small part and accumulate little by little, finally you will achieve the great goal. This psychological hint helps us to clearly position ourselves and realize that some things which seem to be in a slow manner are actually going fast.

The second factor is quietness, which seems easy to understand, but I want to interpret the deep meaning of “quietness”. As the antonym of “motion”, “quietness” means no motion, so we need to put down things at hand, and putting down is “giving up”. It is well-reasoned that only through giving up one thing you can gain another. We have to face so many things in this world, and it’s impossible to balance all aspects, so we have to make choices and give up something, which depends on the mind that is mentioned in the part of “slowness”, and in such a process, our heart is as peaceful as water. Moreover, quietness requires a good mentality: you believe things will be better. So it is actually the belief that matters, as the saying goes: As long as one keeps calm, one does not feel the heat too much. Good mentality will generate greater positive energy, and give power to many things.

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