William Farrand

William Farrand

I had a few art courses in college. If the draft had not been breathing down my neck in 1969, I would have changed majors from biology to fine arts. After the army, my career with National and State Park agencies led me to many places people rarely find. Within the grand landscapes of Missouri and the western United States there are hidden, intimate spaces. Using snapshots to help find a view for composition, I try to let my experiences with place and my love of color flow onto paper. I experimented with acrylics and watercolor before finding water color pencils. Their range of color, adaptability to wash, and control of detail seemed to fit my efforts to recreate my favorite places on watercolor paper. I still look for those hidden places, but when found, I now mentally extract their subtle colors and assemble a view that attempts to relate the experience.

I live and draw in Columbia, calling it home for the second time. It’s the best town I have found in nine states.

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