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Xopa Biography

C. Ruth Neudahl, or Xopa her shamanic name which she uses to sign all her metal work, originally studied as a classically trained painter and graphic artist in the upper mid-west, Minnesota and Missouri. But after years as a corporate and government web graphic artist and designer, she took a bold step in 2015 and went to school in Santa Fe for silver-smithing and silver jewelry design to become the independent artist she always wanted to be. Her view on her work is personally infused with mysticism and animism. Studying as a shaman has focused her work while she does not lift from other indigenous culture’s imagery or religious iconography. She strives to make her own visual mythos and to connect with Spirit. As a many-media artist, she also draws, paints, designs stained glass, and sculpts – bronze, steel, and clay. Find Xopa at www.facebook.com/xopa123 and on Instagram as designs_by_xopa.

Artist's Statement

As an artist it is important to me to create work in multiple mediums that convey a sense of the divine. I am attracted to visuals of nature, pattern and repetition that may allude to underlying forces that act upon a piece. This is not a reference to any particular religion, but a spiritual nod to the interconnectivity that we all experience at one time or another. This is the only process that makes sense to me. Money, prestige, ambition, what people think of me – the nonessentials falls away. What truly matters is that we are all a part of nature, to be kind, and to embrace the intangibles of love, joy and transcendence. I thrive on change - I work in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, book illustration, metal fabrication, silver-smithing, fine jewelry, photography, bonsai, and occasionally stained-glass design. It's all joyful pursuit.

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