Art Installations, 2018

The Columbia Art League is delighted to present the 60th Annual Art in the Park, June 2nd and 3rd, 2018. First held in 1958, Art in the Park is the oldest and largest art festival in mid-Missouri. It is the highlight of the summer season in this arts-focused city.  Each year, visual art installations bring new energy, dynamism, and excitement to this timeless festival. Therefore, the Columbia Art League is excited to invite large and small scale, temporary art installations to be displayed throughout the park over the weekend.

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the festival – the diamond anniversary – and so we encouraged artists to embrace that as a source of inspiration. Diamonds are a beguiling source of contradictions; these rare and dazzling little treasures are forged under immense pressure deep in the dark earth, yet seem to glisten with the very light of the heavens. Diamonds symbolize the light within. Synonymous with glamour and strength, “diamonds are forever”, as they say, and after 60 years of celebrating, we hope Art in the Park is too!  We also encourage artists to draw inspiration from the diversity of environments offered by the stunning park setting as well as the celebratory spirit of this beloved community festival.

This year we are proud to host three fabulous public art installations! Artist Dan Goldstein returns with old friends to add to his Menagerie. Interact with these fierce animals by playing with the magnetic poetry! Representations of Native Americans in Contemporary Society, by Sydney Jane Brooke Campbell Maybrier Pursel transforms the iconic teepee into a gallery of cultural
material and images. Last but not least, cast your gaze across the water and check out Floatzilla, by Emerging Artist Damon
“John” Sprouse. Tread carefully as you head out to the island; a giant lake monster, emerging from the
depths is sure to give you a thrill!