Under-Painting for Pastels with Hope Martin


Under-Painting for Pastels with Hope Martin

from 125.00

Tuesdays , August 27th – October 1st
6-8 PM
Take your pastel paintings to new heights with under-painting techniques! From helping you conquer the “blank page” paralysis to achieving rich darks with ease, under-painting is a valuable technique to add to your tool box.

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During the first class we’ll learn the details of under-paintings as well as supply specifics for each class that follows. The next 6 classes will each cover a different media/approach to under painting. We’ll work small (4” x 6”) and quickly. So be sure to arrive on time! The final class will be open for additional work and questions.


  • Paper: Most supplies are flexible but your paper must be one that can take abuse! The brand I use is Uart Sanded pastel paper (grit is up to you but I l ike 600 grit). I’ve not had it fail me yet! Basic laid paper such as Canson MiTients WILL NOT work.

  • Basic Pastel supplies: range of colors of good quality pastels (Mount Vision & NuPastels are my favorites)

  • Watercolor supplies: Transparent watercolors such as Daniel Smith Essentials set, brushes, tray with mixing wells.

  • Ink Supplies: waterproof india ink, mixing dish with separate wells, brushes

  • Charcoal supplies: quality charcoals (like Nitram) in a few grades

  • Other supplies: backing board, painter’s tape or packing tape, rubbing alcohol, kneaded eraser