Pastel Essentials with Hope Martin


Pastel Essentials with Hope Martin

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Fridays, April 3rd -May 8th
10 AM - Noon

In this beginning soft pastels class, we will get our hands messy and play with exercises to demonstrate basic pastel techniques. Emphasis will be on exploration and fun!


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A sturdy sanded paper (like Uart paper) is critical to this class. This pastel paper an take a lot of abuse and layers of pastel. A “laid” paper will not work!  If you get the 9 x 12” pad, you won’t need to get glassine listed below because between each sanded paper sheet is a sheet of glassine!


There is a mind numbing variety of soft pastels available today.  My advice: get the best pastels you can afford, they’ll give you more intense colors and less dust on the floor. NuPastels are a good starter brand and their larger sets have an acceptable value range (but need help in the really dark values).  Richeson has some great half stick sets to give you a variety of value and hue for a good price. Of course there are many other options, but if you focus on a good value range (lightest to darkest) you will be off to a great start. I purchase most supplies online as there are no local suppliers.



  • Uart sanded pastel paper pad 600 grit beige 9 x 12

  • Glassine (optimal but tracing or regular paper will work)

  • Soft pastel sticks & pencils in various hardnesses with a good value range

  • Break-away knife for sharpening pastel pencils

  • Charcoal sticks

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Inexpensive brush (like Artist loft brand for acrylics) in a chisel shape for softening/lifting pigment

  • A tray for holding your active palette is recommended.

  • Backing board and painters tape or packing tape

  • hand support (Mahl stick or something to support your hand later in the process)

  • SpectraFix Spray fixative