Watercolor Basics with Richard Dutton


Watercolor Basics with Richard Dutton

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Saturday March 16th
1-5 PM

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This workshop is designed to make watercolor fun and exciting. We will explore watercolor materials, wet in wet, drybrush, color management, palette arrangement, composition, and the making of your own paintings. Demonstrations and one on one instruction and will be used.

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Richard Dutton, instructor

Watercolor Workshop



This list is ‘Basic’ supply list, bring any thing else you use or just bring what you have and use. This list is just a suggestion. Use a good brand of watercolor like; Winsor& Newton, Holbein, Dick Blick or American Journey



Phthalo Blue

Phthalo Green

Yellow Green or Skip’s Green

Ultramarine Blue or Pthalo Blue

Blue Manganese

Cobalt Blue

                                                  New Gamboge

Cadmium Yellow Light

Raw Sienna

Brunt Umber

Brunt Siena

Perm. Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Red Deep

Cadmium Orange

Opera or Wild Fuchsia

Bright Violet

Royal Amethyst


                                        Palette: Frank Webb or John Pike



‘Always buy the best brush you can afford’

Rounds #2, #8, &#12

Flats-1/2”, 1” &, 2”

Riggers #1and or #3



Artist Pen S to SX tip, waterproof, permanent, Brands: STAEDTLER and or FABER-CASTELL I may use one of these in a demonstration with watercolor

You do not need all these brushes, bring what you have!



Paper: Arches or Kilimanjaro Cold Press (140# or 300#) or and good quality watercolor paper


I recommend 140# Cold Press

Try for an image size of 13”x19” called a half sheet. Bring enough for each session plus sketches and or your photos you can work from.

Paper Support: Select what you need for the paper you use. Stretched or block is best to keep the paper smooth. Blocks work best but are expensive.


Equipment and miscellaneous items for all participants, bring what you need:


1” Masking Tape, Sketch Book, Pencils, Paper Towels and or Cotton Rags,

Water Container, optional Digital Camera, and Mats for presentation


*Remember to bring photos and sketches to paint from in the studio.


Richard Dutton is a cornerstone of the Mid-Missouri artist community. He has been exhibiting and teaching around the country for decades.  Learn more about Richard and his beautiful artwork by visiting his website.

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