Buy Art

Yes! Buying art is the most direct way that you can support CAL and its member-artists. Our advice to people when they ask about buying art, is to recommend that you buy what you love: art that moves you; that reminds you of somebody or some place; or art that simply makes you happy. We're not in the world of the big art investment buyers, we're in the world of filling your home with artworks that bring joy. 

Next time you're in the gallery, ask about CAL's art-purchase payment plan and take home an artwork today. We wanted to make it easier for people with different income levels to be able to afford to buy art. With our Take Art Home plan, you put down a deposit of 30% and then we split up the remaining amount into 6 monthly payments (or fewer). Each month we make a direct debit from your bank account so that you don't even have to remember to make the payments. This is not like a lay-away plan where you have to pay off the whole amount before you can take the art home. With our Take Art Home plan, you can take the work as soon as the show has ended. Simple!